New Shades For Summer Manicure

There is something about the changing of the seasons that makes many of us want to update our style. This is most definitely true of our manicures, since a change can be as simple as picking up a new bottle of nail polish at the cosmetics counter, or requesting a new color at the salon. The good news is that there are plenty of choices in new hues for the summer that will appeal to just about any taste and personality. Take a look at what we’ve come up with in the hottest summer looks, and then take a trip to your local department store to admire the choices that are available.

Add Some Shimmer

Since we have been seeing plenty of metallic on the clothing racks this season, it stands to reason that these looks would trickle down to the nail colors as well.

If you are feeling the need to put a bit of shimmer in your manicure, go for a sleek silver or glistening gold to match your evening wear of the season. Keep in mind that these bold tints need to be understated for daytime wear, so keep the rest of your look simple and classic. When the sun goes down, however, it is time to sparkle for all you are worth! You can find metallic nail color in every price range and in most cosmetic lines this season.

Go Subtle

For those who prefer a softer touch in the manicure department, pink is the pretty little color of the season, and you can find it in plenty of sheer shades to complement any wardrobe and skin tone. Most of the pastels this year come in seashell shades that will tickle any fancy, and many sport a pearly shimmer that will reflect the light beautifully. For an extra flourish, add a painted flower or swirl design to get those pink tips even more attention. French manicures are another classic that hasn’t gone out of style this year, and is particularly popular on the wedding circuit where white goes with everything.

Back in Black

Considering the popularity of the deep, dark hues of nail polish up to this point, it is hard to believe that they are ready to fade from sight just yet. Try an updated look with a polish that adds a bit of color to the basic black, like a green/black or violet/black hue. You will still get the dramatic impact that those dark nails offer with a hint of color and shine as well. These hues will also look great peeking out of the tips of your sandals, so let your toes get in on the action this summer.

No matter what color you choose, most of the manicured nails today are showing a softer oval shape, rather than the square tips of old. Get out that emery board, treat yourself to a new updated nail polish color, and your hands will be ready to greet summer in style.