Chop, Chop! How to Chop Your Hair and Look Amazing

We’ve all had those days where we throw up our hands (or toss our brush across the bathroom) and declare, “That’s it! I’m chopping it all off!” We’ve also all had those days where we don’t follow through. To be honest, most of the time, that clear thinking has kept us from making big mistakes. Just like you should never shop for groceries when you’re hungry, you should also never commit to a new cut when you’re angry at your old one. But if you find that in any given week you wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun more than four times, you might be ready to try a short cut. Here are some pointers to help you chop safely.


If you’ve had long hair for a long time, this might be a good length to try first. There are a lot of options with this cut. First, you can go with a fashionable messy look. Don’t wash it every day. Give it some texture with some volumizer and scrunch it with your hands. If messy isn’t your thing, try slicking it back for a sleek, sexy look. You can also tease it up at the crown for a modern look or straighten it with just a few drops of serum for a professional look that will go with anything. One word of caution though, be careful with your blow dryer and your round brush. Too much styling (or too heavy a hand) can result in a matronly (read mother-in-law) look.


Not that shoulder-length isn’t daring for some, but this is where we start to get into cuts that really diverge from the every day. You also have a lot of choices at this length. For instance, you could go with a layered bob without bangs. According to our stylists, this cut can be a good fit for almost anyone. Leave it just long enough to tuck the ends behind your ears and remember that if you have curly hair to leave a few extra inches. You could also go with short cropped hair in the back while leaving the front sections chin-length. This cut can also make fine hair appear fuller. For styling options, spray a little volumizer at the crown when your hair is damp and either let it air dry or blow it out depending on your preference.


By far the most drastic length to go to is super-short. It used to be that stylists only advised particular facial shapes to go for the super-short look, but those days are gone. Today it’s really about your lifestyle and your attitude. If you can own it, you can pull it off – whatever the length and whatever the style – no matter what your bone structure is like. Depending on the degree of shortness, the sky is the limit with styling here.

The real key is in communicating to your stylist the exact length and look you’re going for. Tear out pictures and take them with you – you and your stylist will be glad you did. Leaving some sections on the top longer will leave you some styling options. Also if you want to emphasize your cheekbones, have your stylist cut in layers that angle toward them.