Acne Care Warning for Using Benzoyl Peroxide Users

Benzoyl peroxide is found in many acne skin care products. It is used because it is considered to be gentler than using alcohol-based skin cleansers.

The Problem

Benzoyl peroxide could possibly irritate the skin. It also could cause a mild drying of the skin which leads to drying and/or redness and peeling. However, the main concern is if you leave it on the skin for two hours or longer.

Most of the time you probably would not, as usually you would wash off most peroxide-based cleaners right away. However, you should also note that benzoyl peroxide is not just used in over-the-counter facial cleansing products.

It is also used in solutions used to treat modest cases of non-inflammatory acne. This is a case in which you should remember to wash off the peroxide-based product within two hours or less.

In this case, you can experience the full benefit of using this less-harsh but strong enough chemical on your skin. However, if you leave it on your face too long that is when the redness, peeling, and rashes could occur.

A Solution

Although there is a small risk of reaction, benzoyl peroxide products are generally regarded as safe and effective treatments for acne. However, in order to be sure you remain safe you should take care to use the low concentration of it possible.

If you use benzoyl peroxide right it will greatly benefit you. However, besides using it right and in the right proportion you should also only use it as often as needed. This will prevent dryness as well as other side effects mentioned above.

Other natural alternatives for clear skin include the following: vinegar water, mild exfoliates with almond shells in them, or witch hazel. However, using benzoyl peroxide is by some consumer and expert standards better for your skin than SD alcohol 40.