How to Eliminate Acne On Baby?

Acne in babies is usually harmless and may disappear by itself. Acne occurs when skin is irritated, saliva, vomit, milk or a coarse cloth due to the use of strong detergents.

How appropriate treatment for acne in babies?

Acne can occur since the newborn, but more frequently appear after several weeks of birth. The area that became the place the appearance of acne baby is in the cheeks, forehead, chin or back. As quoted from Babycenter, for some time, experts suspect the hormone that received the baby from her mother in late pregnancy to be the causes of the emergence of this acne. However, this could not be ascertained, as researchers continue to study other factors that might be the cause.

This baby acne will usually disappear within a few weeks, but there’s also survived up to many months. If within three months of baby acne does not go away, you should consult your pediatrician.

There are some things that should be considered parents of baby acne on the skin, namely:

  1. Do not use creams or oils on baby’s skin with acne, as this can make acne worse.
  2. Do not rinse your baby’s skin too much, because of the potential irritant.
  3. Simply rinse your baby’s skin gently with soap and water twice a day baby, then gently pat dry.
  4. If the acne does not bother you, then leave it and do not touch, touch.
  5. Do not try to squeeze pimples on babies, because it can cause infections that come from the hands of non-sterile.
  6. Should first consult a physician before giving medication, because babies tend to be more sensitive skin, especially on certain chemical substances.

Acne in babies is one skin problem in infants. The most important thing is patience from the parents to let acne and maintain cleanliness and moisture baby’s skin.