Get Rid of Pimples with Salt Water

We see a lot of solutions that can help you get rid of pimples and other acne problems. In this article, you will read one of the best remedies that are available today for the one is troubled with acne and effects on the skin. A lot of people, who have tried this method, will agree that it gives out good results. The ‘Sea Salt water method’ has satisfied a lot them around.

We have seen people spending a lot of money on different type of facials, beauty creams and also every other acne treatment products. This is one of the most effective and simple method that one can adopt, moreover it doesn’t have any side effects. It targets directly on the acne and thus does not harm your skin.

You should be careful about the type of salt water you are going to use. Make sure you don’t use Ocean water, which usually contains contaminants. This might make the situation even worse and may even lead to bad acne problems. However, if you are nearby ocean and seek more natural solution, you can use the ocean water. But keep in you mind that you use the after 7 days of heavy rainfall, as Heavy rain can cause more contamination.

You may have to go through the following steps carefully in order to get proper results:

  • Use Clean ocean water i.e. without any contamination or you can prepare salt water by yourself (Add a couple of table spoons of sea salt on water).
  • Dip a cotton ball in the salt water for about a minute.
  • Squeeze the cotton ball carefully.
  • Make sure the water cotton ball is damp and not dripping.
  • Keep the cotton ball on the pimple and keep it for about 3 minutes.

After you are done with this, apply honey on the targeted area and go to sleep. The solution will start working within hours. It served like a magic solution for me; it might work for you as well. It also improves your skin tone.

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7 Tips To Maximize The Use Of Acne Skin Care Products

Before using any acne skin care products, it is important to realize that everyone’s skin condition is different and there is no one acne skin care product that is suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct type of acne skin care products that is suitable for you.

Most acne products are meant to be used in the long term so don’t expect results in a couple of days. With that said, there are some tips that can help maximize the use of your acne skin care products. Here are the 7 tips :  

  1. You should wash your face regularly to keep your face fresh and clean. However do not overdo it. This is one of the acne myths in that the more times you wash your face, the better. It is not true, just once or twice each day is good enough.
  2. Try to keep your long hair away from your face particularly your forehead. If you have oily hair, it is a must since the oils on your hair can aggravate acne problems.
  3. You should drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is recommended.
  4. Having plenty of sleep is also important in keeping your acne problems under control. A well rested body has a lower chance of an acne breakout. Do not sleep late as well.
  5. If you do have pimples appearing, do not try to squeeze them. There is a chance of bacteria infecting the skin when you squeeze the pimple and may cause permanent scarring.
  6. Studies have shown that stress can cause acne problems as well. Your mental state of well-being is also important too.
  7. Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions on the acne skin care product as instructed. Do not use more than the recommended amounts thinking that you will get better results. More often than not, it will be the reverse.

By following these simple 7 tips with your acne skin care products and given time, your acne problems are a thing of the past.