About Me

karenHey! This is me, Ellen. I love everything from skin and hair care to how to live simply and healthily. I love to jot down small health points like how you should keep your back upright to why sitting on the floor is extremely important. I also love to share my acne treatment journey, share the skin and hair care remedies and DIY’s.

Initially, I used to have so many problems with growing healthy hair and then I finally succeeded. And, now, I document all that I do for my hair and all products I use in my hair diary entries. You should also start keeping such a journal entry and share it with me at the end of every month.

Apart from that, I love skin care and I am always looking around for brands which use natural or, preferably, organic ingredients. Though, that does not deter me from using the regular over-the-counter products and I do have some favorites which I share here from time to time. Right now, I am totally loving the Garnier face wash.

And, I love DIY’s so you will find quite a few interesting ones. My favorites include the homemade vanilla oil and the perfume using essential oils.

About Myself

Just to give you a little background about myself, I hold a masters in Software Engineering but I ditched my job in favor of living on my own terms. And, blogging is my passion. And, I really hope you find the blog useful.