Skin whitening produces an even skin tone. This is achieved after bleaching the skin’s discolorations. Scars, freckles and age spots are different skin conditions that can cause pigmented areas. Drugs stores have stocks of bleaching agents which may take a long time to produce results. The following four tips will help you on how to get whiter skin fast:

  1. Use prescription drugs: the best treatment that will guarantee you fast skin whitening is the use of medication that bleaches the skin. A doctor can recommend different bleaching products for you depending on the type of your skin. Some drugs have very high concentrations of skin bleaches that have been banned. For instance, no drug store should sell a hydroquinone bleaching agent that is more than two percent concentrated. Some doctors may prescribe retinoid or Retina-A. Both of these are derived from vitamin A. Different prescription drugs work for different skin types.
  2. Chemical peel: there are chemical peel kits that you can make at home. Some salons also offer them. This is one of the simplest ways of how to get whiter skin fast. You will get a chemical peel from a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist because they can access stronger chemicals as they are professionals. A chemical peel will burn away the top layer of your skin made of dead cells. As the burned layer heals, growth of new skin underneath occurs. This leaves behind a whiter skin. Some doctors recommend the use of products that have peroxide, lactic acid or glycolic acid.
  3. Another great way on how to get whiter skin fast is through dermabrasion. This should be done by a doctor. In this treatment, a wire brush that rotates is used to peel the epidermis. This method will make your skin look whiter because in eliminates deep wrinkles, discolorations and scars. The emergence of the new skin will give it a whiter look than before. You should undergo this procedure severally so as to ensure that your skin becomes evenly white.
  4. The last tip on how to get whiter skin fast is by the use of laser resurfacing: this procedure is a bit expensive. It uses infrared rays to repair the skin. The laser rays can penetrate deep into the deeper skin layers without damaging the outer layer. The heat that the laser produces accelerates growth of new skin. Once the skin has healed, it will look whiter than the way it was before.

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