The Perfect Routine No Matter How Many Days You Train

Do you even know what it takes to get great results? In order to achieve the best body you can there needs to be some sort of routine. Nobody goes to the gym every few months and has big muscles. Unfortunately, effort is required. The best thing you can do is stick to something for at least 12 weeks and you might see some decent results.

Before you decide what kind of training plan you’ll do, first you must decide how many days per week you can train. Once you know what kind of commitment you’re going to put in you can get started. Although you can do the same exercises, they need to be done in a different order. Take a look below and choose the best one for you.

Taking it easy

If you only go two days per week you won’t progress at a fast speed. Maybe you don’t want to. If you’re happy to just be making gradual progress that’s fine. Nobody is forcing you to go more. You only have two days and you need to train your whole body at least twice. Working each muscle group twice per week is the minimum you can expect to do for anything noticeable.

That means you will need to do a full body split. In case the name doesn’t make it obvious, this means doing an exercise for each part of the body. Only one, though. You have a lot of muscle groups and it’s best to keep your workout to less than 60 minutes. Perform the same exercises twice per week and keep the same routine for 12 weeks before you think about changing.

Now you’re talking

Taking it up to 3 times per week is where you are really going to start seeing results. Remember that this will work best if you leave a day in between each session. It’s not vital, but it’s still important to give the body adequate rest. Especially if you are training really hard, which you will be anyway because you want to make huge strides towards that Greek body of yours.

This is where a split comes into play. It gets its name because you are splitting the body down into sections and training each one individually. One day you will train legs, the next day back, and finally ending with chest. You can add your arms onto the end of chest and back day. Pick out about 4 exercises maximum for each body part.

Going to the extremes

Some people really want to push it as far as they can go. Either that or they’re just bored at night and have nothing else to do. It doesn’t matter. If you want to go 4 times a week it’s only going to speed up results. If you do choose this path, stick 2 days together each time. So you can train Monday and Tuesday, then again Thursday and Friday.

The easiest way to break this one down is by splitting your body in half. It’s called an upper/lower split. One day you train your lower half, the next day upper half. It still means you’re going to be training each half of your body twice per week, which is what you want. Like before, pick about 4 exercises each time you go to the gym. Maybe stick an abs exercise on the end of each session to get ready for the beach.

Blood Types and Dieting: Is the Eat Right Plan Really Right?

The link between health risks such as obesity and the four distinct blood types has been cause for debate for a long time now, and the debate was only further fueled by the apparition and increased popularity of Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s dieting program Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight.

Numerous scientific authorities in the fields of nutrition and dieting rushed to claim that there wasn’t much of scientific basis behind this diet, and that it was solely based on lore, popular wisdom and old wives’ tales. Its advocates, however, argue that the connection between health concerns and the four different blood types has been insufficiently and inconclusively tested; meanwhile, the diet does appear to be working for some. But what does this diet consist of? What can its adherents eat and what are its main tenets?

The diet starts off from the assumption that you have had at least one blood type test done and know whether you are a type A, B, AB, or 0. It involves no calorie counting, or tracking of the amount of fat consumed, which might make it seem easier to follow. Indeed, if monitoring and reporting are an issue for you, then this diet might just do the trick. Be aware, however, that its numerous restrictions by blood type may make it difficult to follow if several people living within the same household try to adhere to it.

Type A

According to D’Adamo, A stands for ‘agrarian’, which means that people with this blood type function great on vegetarian diets. That’s why their prescribed weight loss plan includes plenty of whole grains, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as protein from soy and legumes. D’Adamo recommends people with this blood type only engage in light, gentle forms of exercise.

Type B

Type Bs are considered ‘nomadic’ by D’Adamo, descendants of the migrant tribes from the olden days. As such, they can lose weight efficiently by eating dairy and lean meats, but should steer clear of wheat, corn, and lentils. They can also exercise more vigorously than their type A counterparts.

Type AB

AB types are ‘modern’ types within the Eat Right dieting plan. This means that they can safely enjoy the leaner forms of protein, such as seafood and fish, as well as tofu. While they can eat most of anything, they are best advised to avoid chicken, beef, and pork. Also, since they are the most stress-prone of all the groups, they should practice nerve-soothing, calming exercises.

Type 0‘

0’ stands for “old” in D’Adamo’s book and diet plan, which means people with type 0 blood come from the oldest blood lines known to man. This means their metabolism can be properly fueled by lean meat of all kinds, but especially poultry and fish. They can also benefit from plenty of heavy exercising, such as cardio, but should stay away from all types of grains and flour-based products, as well as from legumes.

If you haven’t taken a blood type test yet, we learned that you can easily order one online via and then start planning out your diet, according to d’Adamo’s principles.

Be aware, however, that the best and most efficient diets are those which take into account the specific health needs and lifestyle specifics of each individual. To boot, a lot of criticism has been waged against D’Adamo, since he offers the adherents of his plans the semblance of scientific argumentation and reasoning, even though links between health risks and medical conditions are not nearly officially recognized within the medical community. However, as more and more testing is undertaken, attitudes may change vis-à-vis this subject, which is why perhaps the diet shouldn’t be entirely refuted just yet.

Brestrogren Breast Enhancement Cream – Get Fuller and Firmer Breasts

There is no doubt that today’s society puts so much value on the size of a woman’s breasts. Even if this does not seem right to you, majority of women realize that by having bigger breasts, they feel more confident and more attractive, and they frequently get more breaks in life.

Brestrogren breast enhancement cream is a topical cream which is made of natural, very high quality ingredients and is specifically formulated to make your breasts bigger. The cream is very powerful but also safe to use. When nutrients get absorbed into your skin, the cells inside the breasts get plumped, thus firming and lifting them. It only takes five minutes a day in order for you to get the visible results.

To use this breast enhancement cream, apply it to your breast using your fingers every morning and evening. Massage it in a circular motion starting with your nipple. If you continue using the cream for six month, you will be able to get the best results. At this point, you can choose to cut down the application to once per day so as to maintain your breast size.

How Does The Cream Work?

The success of Brestrogren breast enhancement cream is centered on Pueraria mirifica, a plant that is native to Thailand. Throughout history, it has been used for a number of different health benefits as well as used to enhance breasts. The cream increases fatty tissues and ligaments which give the breasts its shape and support. The cream also increases the length of the ducts which are connected to the nipple, resulting in fuller and firmer breasts.

Brestrogren has high concentration of Phytoestrogen. This compound is similar in structure to estrogen, the female sexual hormone. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for the development of the female sexual and reproductive organs as well as their growth. Brestrogen use the power of phytoestrogen as a binder to the receptive cells in the fat tissues found around the breasts so as to increase the circumference and the size of the breast. It also has anti-aging and rejuvenating properties which are desirable to many women.

This is not simply a myth that generations have passed down. Actually, there is science that backs up Pueraria mirifica. There are studies which show considerable gains for both the size and firmness that are visible.

Is The Cream Safe?

Since the primary active ingredient of Brestrogren breast enhancement cream is a plant compound which has no harmful side effects, the cream is totally safe. It is very powerful but not dangerous.

Nevertheless, there isn’t a lot of data that has been collected to show the side effects of estrogen-based products or their interactions with birth control pills. This is why it is not recommended for use when an individual is on the pill.

This is also applicable for the women who have tumors, cysts, are pregnant or are lactating. In case you have questions about using this cream, consult with your doctor or any other medical professional.

Lastly, Brestrogren breast enhancement cream does not have a strong smell nor does the user experience any tingling after application. It gets absorbed into the skin very fast and the natural moisturizers in the cream make any sensitive skin soft and supple. In general, Brestrogen is a must buy product for any woman who is looking for a fuller, curvaceous figure, without having to undergo risky and costly surgery.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Dosage For Easy Weight Loss

Most people have heard about the benefits of gettting Garcinia Cambogia Extract at and its miraculous properties that give very positive results. The research has shown that most, if not all that have used this product are satisfied with its results. As an individual, you might have gotten information about it from either a friend or a neighbour or even through media. Here are the facts about Garcinia Cambogia Extract in case you need to learn more about it.

This product is naturally extracted from the fruits of tamarind plant. This extract performs its work in miraculous ways; first, it helps our body to burn fat deposits while preventing the formation of any new fats from forming. The users may not be able to see its effects at the initial stage due to the fact that when fats are burned in the body, they are also replaced with toned muscles that may weigh more than fats. Therefore, the muscle density changes but the general body weight does not.

Thus, due to the use of this supplement, an individual is able to reduce the fat’s accumulation in the body without necessarily having to change their eating patterns or exercising habits. HCA, the main ingredient of this product is able to assist the body to melt off excess fats in the body to reduce weight.

Research Analysis

Cindy Walters, a research analyst said it is different from other diet products. Other products may increase the weight of the individuals instead of curbing the menace of weight problem. He continues to explain that, apart from suppressing the appetite of the user, Garcinia Cambogia Extract contains some other ingredients, which improve the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is the type of amino acids that will help to boost your mood and aid you to be happy. When someone is happy, he or she is able to make the right decisions concerning his or her meals.

The prolonged use of this supplement makes your cravings healthier. The body will adjust and begin to crave the natural quickly-burning foods rather than craving the salty and fatty processed foods. When you consume natural foods, the digestive system will be ready to take place and process it at any time. Consequently, the weight loss is enhanced.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is Safe and GentleIn most of the cases, many food supplements have severe side effects. When you use these supplements, you will start feeling some side effects like headaches, cramps or feeling of jittery. In contrary, Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from natural ingredients that are used by people and have no side effects apart from the weight loss.

The main ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia Extract is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This is a derivative of the citric acid which is naturally present in most of tropical plants. HCA is an active component which plays a crucial role of ensuring that the supplement is effective and powerful. However, it is important to remember that not all products have the same level of HCA.

There are a variety of Garcinia Cambogia extract in the market and therefore, when doing the shopping, it is good to know that, their quality is different. The impact of lower quality products on weight loss is low too. Therefore, shop for products which are extracted from natural components with no fillers. Buy the correct type of Garcinia Cambogia extract that have good amount of Hydroxycitric acid which is supposed to be at least 60 percent HCA.

Why should you buy it?

It is simple and easy to useUsing this product is not complicated. What you need is to take it twice per day, about one hour before taking any meal. You do not need to change the type of food and the exercising habits. When the meal time comes, the patient will be craving for healthy food the stomach will not feel so empty thus helping to reduce the amount of food consumed and hence weight loss boosted.

The cost of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The price of Garcinia Cambogia Extract dosage varies depending with packages that one needs. For instance, one-month package may cost approximately US $40, three months package is about US $80 and 6 months package may go for about US $120 plus many more benefits like discounts offered by different sellers.

Types Of Eczema And Common Symptoms

Many people are surprised to find out that there are a number of different kinds of eczema. All of them share exactly the same basic symptoms of eczema and also have the same range of causes but have specific characteristics which allow physicians to make a diagnosis and select the best treatment method.

No type of eczema is contagious. Instead, it might be that eczema is passed along in the genes – one of several possible reasons for eczema. All types of eczema really are a type of dermatitis – the two words are interchangeable. Here is a summary of the primary kinds of eczema.

  • Atopic Eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis)

This is the most widespread kind of eczema, presenting as dry, itchy and frequently peeling patches of skin. Almost everyone has had atopic eczema at some point. This is the most frequent form of baby eczema By age five, about 80 per cent of kids have experienced symptoms of atopic eczema at some point. Atopic eczema is most common on the face, scalp, hands as well as in the folds at the elbows and behind the knee.

  • Dyshidrotic Eczema (also known as hand eczema, pompholyx, vesicular eczema and vesicular palmoplantar eczema)

This type of eczema is commonly known as “hand eczema” since it affects the hands only. It may be more painful than atopic eczema, having a burning sensation in addition to itchiness, and multiple blisters. The blistering rash is vulnerable to skin breaks and the danger of infection, and the skin may become cracked and peeling, even when the dyshidrotic eczema is not at its most severe. Dyshidrotic eczema usually affects adults aged 20 to 40, and is very rare in children.

  • Nummular Eczema (also known as discoid eczema and nummular eczematous dermatitis)

The primary characteristic of nummular eczema is distinctive coin-shaped (nummular) areas which are raised, inflamed, itchy and frequently scaly. Nummular eczema patches are often about 1 to 4 inches across and can become blistery and weepy, then crust over. Nummular Eczema mostly has an effect on the arms and legs, feet and hands and people in early adulthood or middle age.

As you can read on Birthorderplus there are the three most usual kinds of eczema. Once a diagnosis is reached, the physician can prescribe the most appropriate  treatment. This may include prescription or over the counter excema products, which contain steroids. The most common steroid used in eczema creams is hydrocortisone.

Over-the-counter eczema products may be unsafe so it is always a good idea to find natural treatments you can utilize on a daily or long-term basis. They can frequently be effective enough to make steroidal products unnecessary, or used on a very minimal basis only.

For those who suffer with eczema or have youngsters that do so, you need to have an understanding of eczema symptoms. You should also investigate all natural treatment alternatives such as those found in Eczema Free Forever.

How To Care For Baby Skin

Your baby’s tender, delicate skin requires special care and a gentle touch. Because their skin is so new and fragile, they are also prone to a variety of skin issues and irritations. Here are some tips for caring for your baby’s skin and treating any conditions that arise.

Prevent diaper rash by changing diapers frequently and use a barrier cream. The skin on your baby’s bottom can easily be irritated by the contents of his or her diaper, especially if your child has eaten something acidic. Check your child’s diaper often, and change it immediately when it’s soiled. You can also use a barrier cream that contains zinc oxide to treat and prevent rashes; this waterproof cream protects your child’s skin and soothes irritation.

Keep your baby out of the sun as much as possible. Birthorderplus research shows that babies under 6 months are too young for sunscreen, so you must take care to keep them in the shade as much as possible. It takes very little sun exposure to cause a sunburn on an infant. Older babies can use sunscreens meant for children their age, but you should still limit direct sun exposure to prevent burns.

Acne is nothing to worry about. Many babies go through a period where they develop acne. If your child does, fret not; usually, it will clear up on its own within a month or so. If the blemishes persist or become very inflamed, you can ask your child’s pediatrician for treatment recommendations. Never use adult acne products or cleansers on your child’s skin; the chemicals within these products are far too harsh for babies.

Cradle cap is common. Cradle cap is a form of seborrheic dermatitis that occurs in babies, causing scaly, oily patches to develop on your child’s scalp, ears, or eyebrows. While it may look uncomfortable or unattractive, it isn’t harmless and will generally clear up on its own. You can encourage the flakes to slough off by gently massaging your child’s scalp with a bit of olive oil, being careful to shampoo all of the oil out when you are finished.

Use a gentle detergent on your child’s clothing, bedding and diapers. Laundry detergents with heavy perfumes and lots of dye can irritate your child’s skin. Detergents with no added dyes and fragrances are the safest option; they may not leave your child’s clothing smelling powdery and sweet, but your baby is less likely to suffer from rashes or skin irritations.

Watch out for heat rash. A heat rash occurs when sweat is trapped against the skin by clothing, clogging the sweat glands and causing swelling. It appears as a red area with pimple-like bumps. To prevent this uncomfortable condition, avoid dressing your baby too warmly, especially when it’s hot outside. All-cotton clothing allows the skin to breathe and may lessen the likelihood of heat rash. Your baby is bound to experience rashes and other skin issues during his or her childhood, and most can be treated at home. If you are ever unsure about a bump, spot or rash, though, don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s pediatrician.

How To Build Muscles Fast

We all want to achieve the best the world has to offer in shortest possible time. Haven’t we heard “no gain without pain”!

When we begin our weightlifting training, we are often tempted to use steroids so that we can build muscles fast. But what we fail to realize the side effects and damages these powerful drugs could do to our body in the long run.

There is some good news for the newbies in the field of body building. It is indeed easier to grow your muscles faster during the initial days of training. This is because our body is extremely adaptable and adjusts itself to changing environment quite easily. Therefore during the initial days of weight training, your muscles will grow faster so as to accommodate the extra weight that you are lifting these days.

If you are tired at the sight of your skinny arms hanging out of your sleeves like hockey sticks, then here is some handy advice on how to build muscles fast to help you develop a muscular body:

Eat right to bring muscles in sight

We may wish and we may wait for the miracle to happen with stronglifts 5×5 but the truth is there is no shortcut to building muscles. However by eating right kind of food you can surely speed up your muscle building process.

Start by eliminating junk food from your diet if you are indeed serious about developing muscles real fast. Have a high protein diet made up of chicken, pork, legumes and eggs. You also need to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet which are rich sources of fibers and antioxidants. These high fiber foods will help in flushing out toxins from your body and also improve your bowl movements thereby making your body healthier.

Including right carbohydrates is also essential as these food groups are building blocks and helps in repairing muscles damaged during workouts.

Taking nutritional supplements is for your betterment

While working out you need to provide your body with additional supplements in order to develop lean muscle mass. Start snacking on protein bars and have whey protein shakes after a workout session to provide your body with extra protein and also to repair torn muscles.

High workout intensity will make you happy

Muscles cannot be built by just eating right or by popping in nutritional supplements. Workout is equally important if you want to build muscle fast. A high intensity workout under the supervision of an expert trainer 3-5 times in a week will see you develop strong shoulders, biceps and triceps.

If you cannot afford the expensive membership of a gym, just browse through internet and find some muscle building workouts that could be performed at home using basic equipments. Squats, crunches, pushups and pull ups are some of the great body weight exercises that can be done at home to build muscles.

Sufficient rest will make you the best

Overstraining your muscles could actually prove to be counterproductive. Give sufficient time to your muscles to heal and recover after a workout and see them grow by leaps and bounds.

We hope you now have an insight about how our body works. So throw away that bottle of steroids and follow above guidelines to build muscles fast. All the best for your body building journey!

Is My Acne Skin Cream Right for Me?

There are acne sufferers right now this very minute standing in front of a drug store shelf somewhere and wondering which acne skin cream to buy. There are still many others who are standing in front of their bathroom mirrors right now wondering if the cream they bought will really work for them. They all want the same thing. They want to watch their acne disappear as quickly as possible, but how can anyone know if a particular acne therapy product is right for them?

The answer is that it takes a little bit of time and experimentation. That’s because everyone has their own unique body chemistry and different acne products will work differently on each one of those chemistries. But it doesn’t have to be a crap shoot. There are ways for you to narrow down what works best for you.You can begin by concentrating on the treatment’s active ingredient. Most over-the-counter acne gels or creams use either Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid as their active ingredient. Each one has their strengths.

Benzoyl Peroxide works on the bacteria that can inflame your clogged pores and influence your acne breakouts. It reduces the bacteria count and also acts as a peeling and drying agent on your skin. The peeling helps your skin get rid of excess dead skin cells that (along with sebum) can clog your pores in the first place. The drying helps to dry out existing whiteheads and blackheads.

Salicylic Acid works a bit differently. It slows down the skin cell shedding so that there’s less debris in your pores to form the clogs. It’s also very good at breaking up whiteheads and blackheads that may have already formed.

So when you choose an acne treatment, know what its active ingredient is. Start with the lowest dosage you can find – that would be the concentration level that the active ingredient has in the product itself. Then use it as directed and pay attention to the results you get. If you’re not getting any noticeable positive results after a few weeks, you can try a higher concentration level of the ingredient.

If, after another good trial run, there still aren’t results you can see, you can switch to another acne product, one that uses the other active ingredient. Then you repeat the trial and observation process.Keep in mind that it takes weeks as well as discipline to beat down acne.

You many need to treat your breakout areas multiple times every day in order to get the upper hand. And when you do gain that upper hand, you still have to keep treating your acne regularly to keep it in check. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with your doctor before you even begin any acne treatment plan.

Finding which acne skin cream is right for you isn’t rocket science, but it is at least a small part-time job. But the time and effort is worth it. Because when you finally do get the right products working for you, you’ll finally get control of your acne.

Do Hair Re-growth Products For Men Work?

Receding hairlines, hair loss, and baldness have made lives miserable for many. Even though that problem is common in both genders, men tend to find it more difficult to face it. They spend their whole lives looking for good solutions, which would give them the head full of hair.

Many believe that they have limited options to get rid of their ‘problem’ but that is not the case anymore. Various hair re-growth products are widely available in the market.But most of the time, it becomes difficult to choose the best of them. Plus, some people are skeptical about them and wonder whether these hair re-growth products for men work. Read on to learn the truth.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men

According to research, it has been found that 70% of men suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). The causes of hair loss in men might be different than in women. Normally, a person loses 100-150 hair strands on daily basis. You should only be concerned about hair loss if the number exceeds or you start noticing patches/baldness.

One of the main reasons why a lot of men lose hair is genetics. If you have seen your father/ uncles getting bald, chances are you will also get bald. Another reason why hair loss in men is increasing day by day is stress and pollution. A lifestyle that is full of tension and anxiety might make you bald at a young age.

Also, the diet and nutrition is one of the major factors that define the health of your hair. You need to have a diet rich in protein as your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Certain health conditions such as cancer, iron deficiency, slow metabolism, anemia, etc. can result in hair loss. Thus, it is important that you consult your doctor as soon as you notice changes in your hairline.

Innovations in Hair Loss Industry

Different cosmetic and hair product companies are consistently working to create a product, which not only gives you a head full of hair but eliminates the problem of hair loss from its roots.Hair transplant has been popular for quite some time but it is an expensive procedure and not everyone can afford it.

On the other hand, certain products have been invented which activate the dead hair cells, resulting in re-growth of hair. Thousands have been spent to perfect such research and customers are already lining up. Different hair re-growth creams and supplementshave been invented which are not only inexpensive but do their job marvelously. However, due to a lot of fake hair re-growth products in the market, customers have become wary of most of the products.

Are Hair Re-growth Products Safe?

A lot of research and debate has been going on whether hair re-growth products are safe to use. The ingredients used in these products are usually chemicals, which might not be good for health. But over the past few years, many companies are using natural ingredients in such products which are not only effective in reversing hair loss but do it without any side effects.

Overall, if you are planning to use a hair re-growth product, consult your doctor to make sure whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

The Best Hair Re-growth Product for Men

Provillus, one of the best hair re-growth products for men, has been making its mark in the market. It not only enhances hair growth, but also improves various systems of the body. This product is manufactured using different herbal ingredients like magnesium, vitamin B6, etc., which help to stop hair fall and bring dead hair back to life. Provillus provides proper nutrition for hair follicles, and is the best in the market. It is highly reviewed and recommended by doctors all around the world.

New Shades For Summer Manicure

There is something about the changing of the seasons that makes many of us want to update our style. This is most definitely true of our manicures, since a change can be as simple as picking up a new bottle of nail polish at the cosmetics counter, or requesting a new color at the salon. The good news is that there are plenty of choices in new hues for the summer that will appeal to just about any taste and personality. Take a look at what we’ve come up with in the hottest summer looks, and then take a trip to your local department store to admire the choices that are available.

Add Some Shimmer

Since we have been seeing plenty of metallic on the clothing racks this season, it stands to reason that these looks would trickle down to the nail colors as well.

If you are feeling the need to put a bit of shimmer in your manicure, go for a sleek silver or glistening gold to match your evening wear of the season. Keep in mind that these bold tints need to be understated for daytime wear, so keep the rest of your look simple and classic. When the sun goes down, however, it is time to sparkle for all you are worth! You can find metallic nail color in every price range and in most cosmetic lines this season.

Go Subtle

For those who prefer a softer touch in the manicure department, pink is the pretty little color of the season, and you can find it in plenty of sheer shades to complement any wardrobe and skin tone. Most of the pastels this year come in seashell shades that will tickle any fancy, and many sport a pearly shimmer that will reflect the light beautifully. For an extra flourish, add a painted flower or swirl design to get those pink tips even more attention. French manicures are another classic that hasn’t gone out of style this year, and is particularly popular on the wedding circuit where white goes with everything.

Back in Black

Considering the popularity of the deep, dark hues of nail polish up to this point, it is hard to believe that they are ready to fade from sight just yet. Try an updated look with a polish that adds a bit of color to the basic black, like a green/black or violet/black hue. You will still get the dramatic impact that those dark nails offer with a hint of color and shine as well. These hues will also look great peeking out of the tips of your sandals, so let your toes get in on the action this summer.

No matter what color you choose, most of the manicured nails today are showing a softer oval shape, rather than the square tips of old. Get out that emery board, treat yourself to a new updated nail polish color, and your hands will be ready to greet summer in style.

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Pills – Adam and Eve’s Favorite Fruit in The Garden of Eden

There are dozens of products out there that are said to be aiding in weight loss. 99.99% of all of them are fake and wastage of your precious money. These substandard pills that are well advertised and so overrated really do nothing to help you reduce weight, but rather, just rob you of your time. However, the search is over.

With the introduction of Garcinia Cambogia pills, every weight problem fades away, trust me. I am a live example of how Garcinia can burn down fats in a person. These pills have attracted a lot of attention of late, with everybody from the low-level medical practitioners to Dr. Oz, yes, the one and only Dr. Oz praising its power and capabilities, that you should buy garcinia cambogia pills.

So, what is this fruit that has gained tremendous popularity in such a short time?

Garcinia Cambogia is actually a pumpkin shaped fruit under phylum ‘mangosteens’ that is native to India and is almost deep red in color. It has been used since time in memorial in Indian dishes as an additional ingredient to make meals more filling and sweeten them too.

The people who used it did not realize its benefits though until very recently when researchers unveiled its remarkable advantages, and that is why the in thing is to buy garcinia cambogia pills. Garcinia Cambogia is very effective in aiding in weight loss, actually, the most effective so far.

Just how effective are these pills?

The latest addition to the advantages of Garcinia Cambogia is the fact that it helps in increasing potency. According to a recent research in the United States, people who had used Garcinia Cambogia pills at some point in their lives were proven to be two times more potent than if they had not used the pills. Now that is something. And some of you may be asking, are these pills really good for vegetarians? The answer is a big yes. They are perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

A recent research done at The University of Liverpool has proven that Garcinia Cambogia pills help a person lose more than four pounds in a month. Four pounds! That is the best track record in the entire world so far. Now, back to Dr. Oz. He has clearly stated that Garcinia Cambogia might be the secret ingredient people have been looking for, to finally lose unwanted weight and finally gain confidence. As if that is not enough, you can use these pills without necessarily exercising!

Can anything get better than that?

The days of spending hours and hours in the gym straining yourself and waking up the next day to realize you cannot move a muscle in your body are gone! This is probably why a lot of people buy garcinia cambogia pills.Now in the present world, it is so hard to lay your hands on a drug without side effects. I too could not believe this until I proved it. Garcinia Cambogia pills have no side effects whatsoever!! No headaches, no nausea, no fever….Nothing. Now most if not all of the drugs that are said to aid in weight loss have a lot of side effects that accompany them. But Garcinia pills, none.

Think about this. You need to take only two to three pills of Garcinia Cambogia pills per day. On the other hand, you need to take double or triple that amount per meal to get the same result’s Garcinia gives you. Is there a reason whatsoever for you not to settle for Garcinia? This fat burner makes going to the gym sound like a waste of time.

Garcinia Cambogia pills have also been proven to boost the immune system and protect the body from diseases like Cancer, though further research is being done as far as its cancer prevention properties are concerned. The active ingredient of Garcinia is HCA, Hydroxy-citric Acid. HCA has a variety of anti-oxidants too to help in eradicating free radicals from the body. Hence it acts as a body detoxifier too. So if you want to give your immune system a boost, buy Garcinia Cambogia pills.

HCA compromises the ability of the body to store fat, by increasing the oxidation levels of enzymes responsible for conversion of fat into energy. It really comes in handy since it reduces the visceral fat stored in the belly area.

Garcinia cambogia pills also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood by lowering the amount of far stored in the blood. They are known for increasing the amount of more body friendly cholesterol called HDL that leads to stable blood pressure in people with hypertension.

These pills are a real deal. Resisting the temptation to eat is a very hard thing. It can prove to be very challenging, but thanks to Garcinia, the temptations are resisted naturally by it. The pills are natural appetite suppressants that help you control your feeding habits. There is a hormone in the body called serotonin. This hormone is partly responsible for appetite reduction. The use of Garcinia pills reduce serotonin levels hence a person’s appetite is reduced.

These pills have been proven to increase the mucous coverage in the stomach lining. The Garcinia Cambogia stimulates mucous production by the walls, and this helps in preventing ulcers. A person who uses these pills will have no problem whatsoever with ulcers, since the mucous prevents acid from corroding the stomach walls.

One more reason why you should buy garcinia cambogia pills is because they are approved by the FDA. They are therefore, suitable for human consumption.

Mode of Action

Garcinia Cambogia pills work in many different ways. The pills help in suppressing appetite, besides preventing fats from being synthesized. This in turn makes you feel full for longer hence your unnecessary cravings for food will be greatly reduced.

The rind of the fruit has nutrients help the body synthesize glycogen fast. An increase in glycogen molecules in the blood sends a signal to the brain that the body cannot have any more food. The appetite is then cut, and a person stops eating soon. The rind ensures a massive synthesis of glycogen to ensure effectiveness of the transmission of the message to the brain.

Garcinia Cambogia pills ensure that fat is not stored at all in your body. They have fat storage inhibition mechanisms that prevent conversion of soluble fat into insoluble fat stored in under the skin. Fat has no chance of piling up in you.

They also speed up metabolism. HCA aids in speeding up rates of metabolism and calories are therefore, burnt faster.So you really do want to look great. You really want that smashing figure that gains you admiration wherever you go? Then buy garcinia cambogia pills. They are not the best option, they are THE ONLY OPTION.

How to Choose an Anti-Aging Hand Cream

We all know what hand cream is. However, many of us do not take this skincare product very seriously. Sure, you can easily go to any store and purchase hand cream but this item does so much more than just keep our hands from becoming dry. The signs of aging are not just limited to a person’s complexion. Neglecting your hands is one of the quickest ways to give away your real age. With the right anti-aging hand cream you can effectively maintain a more youthful look over the years.

It goes without saying that hand cream serves the purpose of keeping the hands properly hydrated. However, anti-aging hand cream goes even further and uses special ingredients that work to combat the signs of aging that the hands can become prone to. Thinning skin, prominent veins, age spots and wrinkles can all appear on the hands and make them look older than they really are. Regardless of what your real age is, taking care of your hands and fingers is crucial and should play a part in your anti-aging regimen.

There are a variety of highest rated anti aging cream on the market for sale and if you are not familiar with what to look for, then you could be missing out on the perfect product for your needs. The next time you go shopping, really take time to look through each product on the shelf or browse through product descriptions if you are doing your shopping for hand cream on the Internet. Perhaps one of the first steps you’ll need to take when looking for the right hand cream for anti-aging is to know which ingredients on the label are good and which ones should be avoided. In general you can never go wrong with a product that boasts a lot of natural ingredients. If you prefer to use these types of items, you’ll want to search for anti-aging hand creams that contain any or all of the following: hazelnut oil, aloe sap and kelp extract.

Hand creams that should be avoided are those that contain a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce and sound very scientific. Another helpful tip when reading labels is to prevent yourself from being drawn to products with “trendy” ingredients. Most people gravitate to anything that contains elastin, collagen or hyaluronic acid. While these three are indeed good ingredients for your skin, they cannot accomplish flawless skin alone. Make sure that the products that contain these ingredients also have other effective, potent properties to aid elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, some skincare manufacturers use these trendy ingredients to promote their items but do not actually include other ingredients that will get optimal results. So don’t be fooled by trendy marketing techniques.

If you happen to spend a lot of time outdoors you will want to search for an anti-aging hand cream that contains SPF. It is also important that the hand cream you purchase is thick and absorbs easily into the skin. This will guarantee that the ingredients penetrate deeply into the layers of skin to target the signs of aging at the source. For those with skin damage on their hands, you can find hand creams that contain potent ingredients such as Retinol, glycerin and alpha hydroxyl acid to fight free radical damage.


Cholesterol Biosynthesis! Can Fats Be Converted To Cholesterol?

Cholesterol biosynthesis pathway shows how our body makes cholesterol from simple units like Acetyl Coenzyme A, which can be obtained either from carbohydrates or fats. There is no way that fats be directly converted to good or bad cholesterol. Good or bad cholesterol in blood stream depends upon the nutritional status of the individual.

Cholesterol is complex molecule the structure of which is shown here:Cholesterol is a complex molecule having 27 carbon atoms and a four ring structure. Compare it with the structure of fats. Fats is a triglyceride where three fatty acid molecules are esterified with glycerol.

If saturated fats have to be converted to cholesterol, fat molecule, which is actually a triglyceride, has to be hydrolyzed to fatty acids of different chain length. Fats are catabolized in the body to simple units and ultimately converted into energy.

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The hydrolysis products of fats are different fatty acids of different chain length. The fats enter the intestine from where they are absorbed and hydrolyzed to fatty acids by “Chylomicron pathway”. There is no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood as postulated in “lipid hypothesis”. Our liver regulates the quantity of cholesterol required by our body.

As soon as the requirement is met it stops making cholesterol. In spite of this information being known known the lipid hypothesis states that intake of dietary fats and cholesterol increases LDL cholesterol. Intake of low-fat diet is advocated as a measure to lower cholesterol levels.

Then what is the connection between saturated fats and cholesterol?

Does saturated fat act as a building block for cholesterol? Chylomicron pathway describes very well how the fat is hydrolyzed after it reaches the intestine. There is absolutely no way that you can turn saturated fat (or any other saturated fat) into cholesterol. Human biochemistry is very complicated. There is a particular pathway that our body follows to make cholesterol. This is called as cholesterol biosynthesis pathway.

Cholesterol biosynthesis pathway: The liver can make cholesterol from carbohydrates as well. Even if you do not happen to eat saturated at all or any other unsaturated fat, liver will still make cholesterol. This is because it needs a simple molecule to start building a complex molecule like cholesterol and that simple starting raw material is “Acetyl coenzyme A”.

The flow chart below shows how the body synthesizes cholesterol starting from acetyl co enzyme A. The major steps in the synthesis of cholesterol are:

  • 1.0 Acety-Coenzyme A’s are converted to 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA)
  • 2.0 HMG-CoA is converted to mevalonate.
  • 3.0 Mevalonate is converted to isoprene based molecule, isopyrophosphate (IPP), with the concomitant loss of CO2.
  • 4.0 IPP is converted to squalene
  • 5.0 Squalene is converted to cholesterol.

Biosynthesis pathway

If you look at the structures of the intermediates involved in cholesterol biosynthesis you will not find any saturated fatty acid structure acting as an intermediate of cholesterol synthesis.

From cholesterol biosynthesis pathway shown above we cannot justify that fats are converted to cholesterol. The fundamental building block of cholesterol is a substance called as Acetyl CoA. If fats cannot be converted to cholesterol how does consumption of fats increases LDL cholesterol.

How to lower cholesterol?

The lipid theory proposes that one should avoid eating food containing saturated fats, eat low-fat diet and  low-fat diet recipes but these suggestions do not seem to work in lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

How to lower cholesterol

Recent research shows that our blood plasma contains some emerging risk factors which if we try to control will keep our cholesterol levels under control. The appearance or rise of these emerging risk factors can also be attributed to un optimum nutrition and unbalanced diet.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex – Making A Safer Choice

When it comes to selecting skincare products, you really cannot be too careful and you also have to do your homework. If you are looking to buy Meladerm pigment reducing complex, read on because this is one product you can feel perfectly at ease and safe to use on your skin.

Why Are Most Skincare Products So Risky?

Basically, the answer is that the FDA does not have much control over cosmetics as it does with drugs and pharmaceutical products. There is also a strong lobby to make sure that this state of affairs continue. After all, we are talking about a $50 billion goldmine in the USA.

Just take SLS as an example. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a great foaming agent and used extensively in shampoos, toothpastes and bleaching agents, but it also contains 1.4 dioxane, which is a known carcinogen.

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Is Skin Lightening Dangerous?

Not if you are using a skin lightening cream that contains safe natural ingredients. That is why it is important that you carefully select the product you use – go through the label and ensure that there is no chemical or harmful ingredients in the product before you buy.

Hydroquinone has been very popular in helping people lighten their skin tone. But look at the risks they face. According to The National Skin Authority, it is a chemical used in paints and for developing black and white photos. In addition, its effects on humans the can be disastrous:

  • It is a known carcinogen (EU has banned it)
  • Can lead to uneven and irregular coloring of the skin
  • Can cause headaches and cramps
  • May lead to dizziness
  • Studies suggest that it may cause mutations
  • Could lead to some nasty allergies
  • May lead to liver and kidney damage.

In an article called ‘Toxicology and health risks of hydroquinone in skin lightening formulations’ published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, the authors make a plea for this chemical to be banned. It was banned by the EU in 2001 but it still remains legal, toxic and is readily available in thousands of products in many other countries including the USA!

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex

Meladerm is regarded as one of the safest skin lighteners on the market today. The main reason is that it contains naturally derived organic ingredients, which can perform the skin lightening task just as well, if not better, than hydroquinone.

Kojic Acid – This acid is derived from a fungus and is very popular in Japan as a health supplement. It is also present on soy, rice and is also present in the fermentation pf rice wine. The effect on the skin is reduction of melanin production, which leads to brightening and fading away of sun spots and other blemishes.

The amount of kojic acid in skincare products should not exceed 4% because stronger concentration may lead to skin irritation.

Mulberry Extract – Scientists have found that the extract of the root belonging to the Moraceae family is very effective in stopping the tyrosenase element, which is one the main protagonists of melanin – the substance that gives color to our skin. Studies also show that a very small quantity is sufficient to stop the production of tyrosenase by 50%.

Other Safe Ingredients In Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex

The other ingredients found in this unique skin lightening cream are:

  • Licorice extract
  • Niacinamide
  • Bearberry extract

All these ingredients are clinically proven to be safe and very importantly they do a great job at clearing age spots, pigmentation, discoloration and scars. They also help to give your skin the much desired even tone.

There may be a lot of skin lighteners out there that contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin and health, but with Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex, you can be sure that you will get the desired results without compromising on safety.

Chinese Food Traditions: Custom Of Chopsticks

In spite of the fact that chopsticks’ origins remain unknown, most historians are leaning towards the hypotheses that this integral part of Chinese food history was much popularized by the Shang dynasty, dating back to 1766 – 1122 BC. Being a unique method of the Eastern cuisine, chopsticks represent one of the strongest Chinese food traditions: they were used thousands years ago, are widespread  today and are likely to remain the most distinguished Chinese place setting tomorrow.

As Chinese cuisine is gaining more and more popularity all over the world, Chinese food traditions are quickly become internationally recognized, and nowadays chopsticks are used both in Chinese food restaurants and in ordinary kitchens.

The experts in Chinese food traditions claim there is a big difference between Chinese and Japanese chopsticks, so they shouldn’t be mixed up. Thus, classic Chinese chopsticks are usually made of unfinished bamboo or wood to correspond Chinese food traditions, while the Japanese use lacquered bamboo or wood. Another distinction is that Chinese chopsticks are longer – about 10 1/2 inches for adults, while Japanese ones equal to only 9 inches. Moreover, according to Chinese food traditions, Chinese chopsticks feature blunt ends, in contrast to Japanese ones the ends of which are pointed.

Today Chinese food traditions, and especially Chinese chopsticks are very popular, and people from each corner of the world are trying to perfect their chopstick skills. To help you with sophisticated Chinese food traditions of chopsticks, here are some useful tips to follow.

  • First don’t use plastic chopsticks, not only for aesthetic reasons but also because they are harder to hold food. Choose chopsticks only from natural materials, like wood or bamboo.
  • Secondly, remember that chopsticks’ ends shouldn’t cross, so hold them in the middle.The bottom chopstick remains immovable, while the top one is used to pick up food.
  • Finally, if some Chinese food popular dishes with bones are served, you should hold the piece with chopsticks and just eat around the bone.

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How to Increase Your Metabolism?

What is Metabolism? There’s a lot of talk about metabolism in the world if diet, fitness and health. What is metabolism, exactly? More to the point, what’s a slow metabolism? And how do you know if you have one?

In short: metabolism describes any chemical reactions in the body dedicated to growing your cells and keeping them alive. Metabolism isn’t just about your weight and it isn’t just about energy. It’s about maintaining your general health – keeping you alive rather than declining.

That’s why, even if you’re at a reasonable weight, maintaining a healthy metabolism is essential to your overall health.

How Do You Know When You Have a Slow Metabolism?

You may have heard of or have been told you have a “slow metabolism.” Only your doctor can tell you for sure. But if your metabolism is running slowly or inefficiently, you may experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Weight gain, or inability to lose weight with moderate dietary changes and exercise
  • Fatigue, sluggishness
  • Digestive issues; slow, sluggish digestion, constipation
  • Frequent heartburn
  • Low blood oxygen levels (metabolism controls respiration as well)
  • A generally weak feeling
  • Pale skin
  • Weak, poor-growing hair and fingernails

What Contributes to a Slow Metabolism?

Many things can affect your metabolic rate negatively, including:

  • Your age
  • Your sex (women are more likely to have slower metabolisms than men due to overall lower muscle mass)
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Metabolic and/or hormonal issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or thyroid disease
  • A high fat intake
  • A high meat intake (meat itself is not “bad,” but it digests very slowly and can turn things sluggish within your body)
  • Too little lean body tissue/muscle mass v. body fat
  • Some over-the-counter medications
  • Some prescription medications

How Can I Increase a Slow Metabolism?

Get on your feet. Even half an hour of light exercise a day can boost your metabolism for hours.Drink more water. You need water in order to keep up a healthy system in general, including your metabolism. And your cells need plenty of water to function.

Check out “natural fat burners. ” Certain foods and herbs are known to help boost metabolism. These include bitter orange extract, cayenne (capsicum), ginger root, and caffeine. Go light on dairy. For some people, the lactose (natural sugar) in dairy products can have a negative impact on the metabolism.

Eat poultry and fish rather than red meat, and make it as lean as possible. The more fatty the meat, the slower it will digest in your body.

Ask your doctor for a full metabolic blood workup. Make sure it includes a thyroid panel.

Make sure you’re eating enough. Eating way too little can actually decrease your metabolism.

Eat small, frequent meals. Large meals will slow you down as your body turns its resources toward digestion. It also causes a bigger dump of insulin into your system to combat the carbs and calories. Eat lighter but don’t skimp on calories. (Here’s a basic calculator for determining what your caloric needs are.)

Increase muscle mass. Start a workout routine of light weights. There’s no need to bulk up (in fact, for women, it’s relatively hard to actually get bulky on a mild to moderate weight resistance routine). Just aim to increase your percentage of lean muscle mass. Muscle requires more energy than fat and will keep your metabolism revving.

If you have depression, treat it. Nobody knows so far exactly what the mechanism is, but sometimes, depression and a low metabolic rate go hand-in-hand. For now, it’s a chicken-or-egg question. In addition to this physiological response, depression may keep you from getting up and moving around, which will only make a slow metabolism problem worse. See your doctor or therapist to find out what you can do.

A slow/inefficient metabolism is a real medical issue that can impact your health and your life. Don’t sit there and suffer — it’s time to take your life, and your health, into your own hands.

Does Meladerm Work For All Types Of Skin?

There are many reasons why our skin tone changes over the years, and in most cases it is simply due to exposure to the sun. But, if you have taken birth control pills, if you have had acne, or you have had other issues that have scarred your skin or caused areas of hyperpigmentation, then you will want to know does Meladerm work. This is a product that is specifically designed to eliminate dark spots and to help you get your skin back to a more even tone.

Can a Lotion Lighten Your Skin?

This is a skin lightening or skin brightening cream for that is designed especially for hyperpigmentation. Any area of your skin, on your face or your body, where you have acne marks, old scars, uneven skin tone, age spots, or melasma will benefit. The one thing that makes this product from others that are sold right now is that it is significantly safer. It contains no hydroquinone, no paraben, and it sold in an airless dispenser that ensures the integrity of the ingredients.

How Does Meladerm Work?

This product is predominantly made from natural ingredients, but the most important thing is that it doesn’t contain hydroquinone, which is an ingredient found in almost all skin lighteners. Hydroquinone has been proven to be toxic and dangerous for not only your skin but the rest of your body, too, so no matter what kind of discoloration you are looking at, you should avoid it at all costs.

In order to get the best benefits from Meladerm, you simply apply it twice a day, and then put a lotion with SPF over it. That will help to protect your skin while it starts to heal and dark spots start to fade. Not only does Meladerm work quickly, but it is safe for all kinds of hyperpigmentation.

What Do the Reviews Really Say About This Product?

meladermMany of the people who have written reviews for this product have naturally dark pigmentation to start with, which means that when they have sun damage, acne damage, or other forms of dark pigmentation, it looks even darker. Not only does Meladerm work on their skin, but it helps to really even out the overall tone.

“I am from Pakistan and I have dark pigmentation on my cheeks and around my eyes. I started using this a month ago and the results have been very fast.”- Tallat (Testimony from company website).

“I have been using Meladerm for one year and boy, what a difference. People always compliment me on my skin. I’m hooked!”- Helen (Testimony from company website).

Can You Buy This Product Locally?

Right now, the only place that you can buy Meladerm is online and you should be sure to buy it directly from the official web site in order to make sure that you are getting the real thing and that you are also getting a product that is truly safe. When you buy Meladerm from the official site, you can get discounts on larger bottles, plus you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee to go along with it.

Why You Should Try Meladerm

Most people wait for years before they start to deal with dark spots on their skin, but now you don’t have to. If you are frustrated with old acne spots, or with new sun or age spots that are showing up, then not only does Meladerm work, but this is a product that is truly safe for your skin on your face and all over your body. Within a few weeks, you will start to notice a difference in your overall skin tone.

Phen375: The Fat Burners For The Person Under 30′s

If you are under 30 and have set a goal to lose some excess body fat, look for fat burners for the under 30’s is a really good way to strengthen your progress along. Several people completely looking at the most useful supplements on the mark that can help you reach greater levels of success, fat burners are on of a kind. One of the really effective fat burner today is Phen375.

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By a good fat burner at your side, you will with ease be able to pass along with your exercise and diet program, creating the most healthy and most slim you ever be. Come here look at a few of the primary things that you will want to note over fat burners for those who under 30’s.

Always Read the Label Directions

First of all ever is you must ensure that you entirely read the label directions while using your fat burner product. Some people over 30 seem to don’t have a confident attitude, like ‘it won’t work on me’, and will always add the dosage on any kind of stimulants or supplements that they take. They believe that in case some is good, then double up it will get them twice the results.

They do not take quite as much care as older people just because they do not think that they will ever endure negative health in consequence of using the products. Do not neglet yourself fall for this. Read every single label carefully and ensure that you take the right dosage. More isn’t better yet.

Track Your Calorie Intake

Next, also ensure that you are taking the time to trace your calorie intake as well. Because you are still young, you will have a naturally higher metabolic rate than the older one and if you are not ascertain to eat enough, this could practically prevent you from seeing the success that you are after.

Tracking your calorie intake will help you make sure that you are not taking in too many calories but taking enough to sustain a good metabolism. Most of those who fewer than 30 shouldn’t be intend for anything lack than 11 calories per pound of body weight per day. You will put yourself at risk for health problems, if you go under this.

Order-Phen375It is really important to Keep Yourself Active

In the end, last but not least, ensure that you keep yourself active everyday. The habits that you develop from this time in your life are highly possible to stick with you into your upcoming years, so it is essential for you to make sure that you are developing good ones.

Get yourself active at least five days a week. Always remember that this does not necessarily have to be a scheduled exercise in the gym either.

That is simple, just like getting out, walk around and playing some sports or another physical activities may help you burn fat as well as take your progress closer.

Even if it is just window shopping at stores with your friend on Saturday afternoon or maybe doing yard work outside, all of them will be superb calorie burning activities to do. Using fat burners for you who under 30’s is a great way to boost opportunities of success but only if you follow the above tips.

Try Phen375 fat burner here + do your exercise. That is the success formula.       

Chop, Chop! How to Chop Your Hair and Look Amazing by Fryzjer Damski Tychy

We’ve all had those days where we throw up our hands (or toss our brush across the bathroom) and declare, “That’s it! I’m chopping it all off!” We’ve also all had those days where we don’t follow through. To be honest, most of the time, that clear thinking has kept us from making big mistakes. Just like you should never shop for groceries when you’re hungry, you should also never commit to a new cut when you’re angry at your old one. But if you find that in any given week you wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun more than four times, you might be ready to try a short cut. Here are some pointers to help you chop safely.


If you’ve had long hair for a long time, this might be a good length to try first. There are a lot of options with this cut. First, you can go with a fashionable messy look. Don’t wash it every day. Give it some texture with some volumizer and scrunch it with your hands. If messy isn’t your thing, try slicking it back for a sleek, sexy look. You can also tease it up at the crown for a modern look or straighten it with just a few drops of serum for a professional look that will go with anything. One word of caution though, be careful with your blow dryer and your round brush. Too much styling (or too heavy a hand) can result in a matronly (read mother-in-law) look.

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Not that shoulder-length isn’t daring for some, but this is where we start to get into cuts that really diverge from the every day. You also have a lot of choices at this length. For instance, you could go with a layered bob without bangs. According to our stylists, this cut can be a good fit for almost anyone. Leave it just long enough to tuck the ends behind your ears and remember that if you have curly hair to leave a few extra inches. You could also go with short cropped hair in the back while leaving the front sections chin-length. This cut can also make fine hair appear fuller. For styling options, spray a little volumizer at the crown when your hair is damp and either let it air dry or blow it out depending on your preference.


By far the most drastic length to go to is super-short. It used to be that stylists only advised particular facial shapes to go for the super-short look, but those days are gone. Today it’s really about your lifestyle and your attitude. If you can own it, you can pull it off – whatever the length and whatever the style – no matter what your bone structure is like. Depending on the degree of shortness, the sky is the limit with styling here. The real key is in communicating to your stylist the exact length and look you’re going for. Tear out pictures and take them with you – you and your stylist will be glad you did. Leaving some sections on the top longer will leave you some styling options. Also if you want to emphasize your cheekbones, have your stylist cut in layers that angle toward them.

Cystic Acne – The Skin Problem That Deserves Immediate Attention

Most children, as they turn into teenagers, form acne on their faces or other parts of their bodies. Acne is often stressful for teens, for appearance is very important to them at this stage in their lives. Most forms of acne will go away over time but there is a form of acne that, if it does form, needs to be treated immediately. This form of acne is called cystic acne, and it’s characterized by large pus filled sores on the face or other parts of the body. These sores are often painful and, if left untreated, can lead to scarring and a pitting of the skin. If your teenager forms cystic acne, it’s best to make an appointment with a dermatologist immediately so that measures can be taken.

Painful Cysts

The large pus filled sacs that mark cystic acne must not be squeezed, as it is often tempting to do so. The infection could spread deeper if the cysts are squeezed, and scarring could result. Even if the cysts are quite large, it’s best to leave them alone until a qualified professional can look at them. It may be a troubling time for your teen if the acne is present, but you have to insist that they don’t touch the cysts until the doctor can examine them.

Prescription Medicines And Their Risks

Your dermatologist will examine your teen’s cystic acne and then will determine what measures need to be taken. Depending on the severity of the acne, your doctor will generally prefer to use prescription strength medicines in order to treat the problem. These prescription strength medicines can get rid of the problem but they need to be handled with care, as many of them affect the kidneys and can lead to health problems later on. Your doctor will usually conduct blood tests on your teen to make sure they are of optimal health to receive such medicines.

You’re Not Alone

Cystic acne is very troublesome for the sufferer, but know that you and your teen aren’t alone. Many people suffer from cystic acne, and many people have permanent scars from it that they must bear for the rest of their lives. It also hurts, it doesn’t look good and it can lead to the sufferer becoming withdrawn and depressed. That’s why if you, or your teen, shows signs of suffering from cystic acne, it’s best to get them checked out by a certified dermatologist right away.

Why you should buy Meladerm for skin care? Read this Meladerm review.